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Senior Full-Stack / Front-End Engineer

San Jose, CA, 95127

(408) 818-0452

[email protected]m


I'm an experienced Software Engineer with expertise in design, building and maintenance of software systems. With strong experience in both front-end and back-end development, I'm confident to work effectively and self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate as part of a productive team. Aside from work, I enjoy spending my time building and contributing to open source projects, and on other hobbies like solving chess puzzles or drawing comics.


Programming Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, Golang, Rust.

Web Development: HTML, CSS/SCSS, Bootstrap CSS, TailwindCSS, SVG Animation, HTML5 Canvas.

Front-End Frameworks: AngularJS, BackboneJS, React, Preact, Redux, Storybook, Material UI, D3.js, GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP).

Back-End Frameworks and Databases: NodeJS/Express, Next.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis,,, Actix Web.

Testing and Automation Frameworks: Karma, Mocha, Jasmine, Jest, Cypress, Puppeteer.

Build tools: Webpack, Parcel.

Other interests: Web Accessibility, WebAssembly, Docker.


Senior Software Engineer at Synchrony Financial / Loop Commerce, Mountain View, CA

February 2018 — Present

Work on GiftNow, a customer-facing platform for product gifting, and a B2B2C platform for providing Gift Card solutions to retail stores across the US. My roles here included:

Some notable achievements:

Senior Full-Stack Engineer at CareSkore, Mountain View, CA

August 2015 — November 2017

Worked on a solution to employ machine learning to help physicians manage and predict the patient's risk better during the care program, and built an online communication system to help patients easily book appointment, visit doctors remotely. My main roles here included:

Some notable achievements:

Full-Stack Software Engineer at Axon Active Inc

November 2013 — July 2015

Worked in a consultant team to help companies in Europe build and maintain a variety of software products, from Mobile Banking, Mobile Payment to On-Demand Video Streaming platform.

iOS Platform Engineer at Gameloft Studio

December 2009 — October 2013

Worked at iOS Platform team to integrate ads and reward systems into mobile video games before they got released to the store.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

University of Da Nang, Vietnam